How to Setup & Manage CAWI Participant List


To distribute an online survey to a predefined list of people you will need to setup a Participant List that will hold the contact details and other information.

In this guide we will elaborate how to create, manage and use the CAWI Participant List.


Setup Participants List

  1. Navigate to the Project you would like to add the list to and locate the node called 'CAWI Participants'
  2. Right click on the option 'CAWI Participants' and choose 'Add CAWI Particiapnts List' 
  3. In the following window choose the file you would like to create (same as creating Additional Data list) give a name to the list
  4. Click Create - once done the list will be added and shown as respondent links in the survey

Using the Participants List Data


  • All relevant fields must be imported and part of the participants list
  • Email connector has been setup, click here to learn how
  1. Navigate to the CAWI tab of your survey and choose 'Notify By Email', click here to learn more how to design your email
  2. In the following screen under the Mail Design section click on 'Show Fields'
  3. An additional window will be shown with the list of fields to add
  4. Type the name of the field you would like to add and then '+' sign, make sure that the name you are adding is exactly the same as added in the list.
  5. Once field is added you will be prompt to add a placeholder for this field, Choose 'Yes' to add the place holder (you will be able to add it later)
  6. A placeholder will be added for this field, you can move it and place it anywhere in the message text

    Please Note: for each field you add you will need an additional placeholder as follows:
    {0} - First Field
    {1} - Second Field
    {2} - Third Field 

That's It !

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