How To send Email notification to CAWI Participants Using SendGrid


SurveyToGo has integrated the studio with a cloud based email provider to allow the sending of web surveys using the SurveyToGo Studio via email to a Respondent list.

This guide will describe how to embed an email connector service and customize your email templates in order to send your respondents link notification with the survey link that they will need to complete. 

Currently we have integrated 'SendGrid' email provider click here to learn more about this provider. 


Setting an Email Connector 

  1. Navigate to the CAWI tab of your survey and click on 'Email \ SMS Connectors'
  2. In the following screen fill out all the parameters and click 'OK'
    • Please Note: To get the API Key you will need to login to your SendGrid account - Settings - API Key - Create API Key 
  3. Once connector is setup choose 'Test Connector' enter an email address and click 'Send Test Mail'
    • If you do not receive your test email please check your Junk email address to make sure it's not there and if so mark it as not spam.

Design your email Template and send notifications

  1. In the CAWI tab choose 'Notify By E-mail'
    1. Create new templates and set them up 

      Setting Category Setting Name Description
      Notify Only   Subjects that have not started when checked the email notification will be sent to all subjects that were not started
      Subjects that already began when checked the email notification will be sent to only those subjects that were started but are not finished yet
      Only Subjects that were not notified yet when checked the email notification will be sent to only those subjects that were not notified yet
      Template Settings       Notification Template Choose the notification template you would like to send to respondents 
      Notification Type

      Choose the notification type:
      Not Started Reminder

      Delete Click to delete the current template
      New Click to create a new template
      Save As Click to save the current template as another template
      Save Click to save the current template
      Mail Design             Report To The email address for the contact that will get a summarized information on all emails that were sent out
      BCC a contact you would like to send a blind carbon copy of the email notification
      From The name that will appear when the email is sent
      Subject  The subject of the email
      Message The email text message
      Subscription Tracking Check this option if you would like to track the subscription email (will require to enable this option in SendGrid platform)
      Simple URL  Will show the survey link as a simple URL Link
      Right To Left Check this option to send the email text Right To Left.
      Hide STG Image Check this option if you would like to hide the STG Image from the email sent.
      Add 'Link' Field Click this button to add the survey link that was created by the 'Create Respondent Links'
      Link Text The text you would like to show in the email notification
      Show Fields Pipe customized fields from your Respondents list to be shown in the email. e.g. FirstName, LastName etc. click here to learn more
      Show notified Subject List Click this option to see the list of respondents email will be sent to. 
      Please Note: To Add/Remove from this list you should navigate to the 'Create Respondents Links' option.
  2. Action Buttons on the bottom of the email 
    OK/Apply - click one of these options to save the template and close the window
    w - Click this button to see a preview of your email notification 

  3. Once you are finished with setting up the template click on 'Notify' - in the following screen you will be able to see the list of participants that you have assigned to send the notification to click on 'Send!' to generate the email. 

That's It !

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