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Multiple Selection


Multiple Selection Questions are used for allowing multiple selection of answers from a pre-defined set of answers, for example:
"What are your favorite music genres?"

All questions types are built in a similar way and only differ in few aspects. See here the common parts that are configured for every question (such as question text, variable name etc.):  adding a question to the script

We will cover below the specific parts that are relevant only for the Multiple Selection question type.

Question Icon

Under the Survey Tree, this is how a multiple selection question would look (see the specific icon):

The View Tab

In the view tab set the question type to be Multiple Selection:

Rendering Modes

The rendering panel allows you to render your answer visual rendering in different ways, for example:

  • Displaying the answers in multiple columns.

    (Rendering answers in multiple columns)

  • Rendering the answers as a selection list or as an auto-complete list.
  • Configuring the minimum & maximum selections.
  • Saving the click order of the selections (Will be reviewed in the exporting part)
  • Setting the space between answers\rows.

The Variables Tab specifics of the Multiple Selection Question

Within the Multiple selection question the Coding's Panel allows you to configure how the question would get exported. There are various options to a Multiple Selection question:

  • Export each answer as a variable – Each answer will be displayed as its own column, for example (Q1_MGenres_O1. Q1_MGenres_O2, Q1_MGenres_O3, etc.), having the code of the answer represent what was selected as the first option, the second etc. 
  • Export to Checked/Unchecked variables – Each answer will turn to a variable and have its own column in the exported file, for example (A_1_1, A_1_2, A_1_3, etc.), if it was selected it will get the 'Checked Code', if it wasn't selected it will get the 'Un-Checked code'.
  • Export Null Answer as Missing – Will export the null answers as missing value
  • Export As Single Variable - will export the answers as a single variable 
  • Export answers as variable names – will have the answers selected coding replaced by the answer variable name instead of the answer index.
  • Export 'Other-Specify' at End – will place the Other Specify column which is exported like this 'Q_1_S', at the end of the answer columns instead of right after the 'Other Specify' answer.
  • Export Answers as text – will replace the selected coding with the answers text.

Common Functions used to retrieve the value
These are some common functions used with this type of question:

Contains(QuestionIndex, AnswerIndex)


NotContains(QuestionIndex, AnswerIndex)

NotContainsIter(QuestionIndex, AnswerIndex, IterationNumber)

ContainsOneOf(QuestionIndex, AnswerIndexesSeperatedWithCommas)

ContainsIterOneOf(QuestionIndex, IterationNumber, AnswerIndexesSeperatedWithCommas)



Common Functions used to set the value

dblSetSpecificAnswer(QuestionIndex, AnswerIndex, TrueForCheckOrFalseForUncheck)

SetAnswer(QuestionIndex, AnswerIndexesSeperatedWithCommas)

Related Links

For more functions please see the scripting guide and function library: Function Documentation

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