How to Create Multiple Users In a Bulk Action


Other than the ability to create and add new a new single user to the organization, you can also add multiple users at once, by importing a pre-defined excel file containing the users names and passwords. 

  1. Step 1: Export the sample users Excel file
  2. Step 2: Fill the users credentials in the Excel file
  3. Step 3: Load the finalized Excel file and add the users


Step 1: Export the sample users Excel file

  1. Open the 'Studio Users & Groups' node and either:
    1. Right-click on the Users node and choose 'Import users List':

    2. Open the Users Management window and select 'Import Users':
  2. In the opened window, click on the 'Open Example...' link (this will generate an example Excel file):

  3. Name the generated Excel file and save it:


Step 2: fill the users credentials in the excel file


Open the excel file you saved – this is the excel file to enter the new users credentials in and later import to the organization. The first line in that file are the columns names, and you’ll see the second line is an example of a dummy user credentials. You need to fill the rest of the lines with the users you want (of course, delete the details of the dummy user in the second line, otherwise it will also be created as a new user…).

You don’t need to fill all columns. The mandatory columns to fill are the first three: “UserName”, “Password” and “isSurveyor”. Once you’re done filling the file, save it.



Step 3: Load the finalized Excel file and add the users

  1. Go back to the import window, click on 'Browse' and open the finalized Excel file:


  2. Click on 'Load File', and see all the users you entered. Finally click on 'Add users':

When the process is done, just click OK to close the window.

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