How To Recover Your Password

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Direct Youtube link (for full screen): 


To recover your password open STG and in the login window enter your User Name and Organization then press on the 'Forgot Password' link.

It will allow you to reset your password.

In case you don't remember your registration details you can contact the Dooblo support team - 

Important Note:

This method is relevant to users that have an E-Mail address setup with their Studio user: 

If your user does not have an E-Mail and you need your password recovered, please refer to this guide:

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  • Hi there,
    Still I am not able to reset the password. I can't remember the Users name. The Organization is DVG-AUA.

    Please contact me about this. We are starting a Project and I really need access to the account.

    PS: If not much asking, Create an Administrator account also with Username: REWerleman



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