The SurveyToGo PC Surveyor app upgrade process

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The SurveyToGo PC Surveyor app version is determined first when you download and install it on your device from the installation link.
Once installed you can view your PC Surveyor app version through the main menu in the Login screen -> About:




Important note:

If you are using version 1.32.147 or below, you will need to follow these steps in order to be able to upgrade to the latest version:

  1. Complete and sync any results / attachments currently stored on your PC surveyor. Make sure the PC surveyor does not contain interviews that must be uploaded.
  2. Uninstall the existing PC Survey and install it from the installation link of your organization (can be obtained as explained here:

When you register your version is registered in our systems and is Organization wide.
It means that every PC Surveyor app, when launched, verifies with the server if the version is the latest as defined per the Organization. If the Organization version is a later version (only later than the current) the app will download the latest.

The below describes the process to follow to make the upgrade take effect (after configured on the central systems by the Dooblo support team).

1. Step 1: Check if a newer version exists

2. Step 2: Restart the application


Step 1:  Check if a newer version exists

Usually, if the Auto-Sync is enabled in the app (it can be found in the app’s Options->Auto Sync menu), and there’s a later version than the one installed on the device, once you’ll login to the app, the upgrade message will pop.

Yet if the Auto-Sync is off, you can still check for later version through the “Sync” button -> "Application Update":


 You will be prompted with a message confirming that you want to check for updates


If indeed there’s an updated version that is later than the one installed, the upgrade process will start automatically


If there’s no newer version to upgrade to, you’ll get a proper message noting that as well



**Note: To get the upgrade message you need to have a valid internet connection.

Step 2: Restarting the app

After the upgrade completes you will see this message instructing you to restart the application at the top of the application


After restarting the app you can now press the about button in the login screen again and see that the app version has changed.


That’s it!

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