How to upgrade the SurveyToGo Studio using a zip installation


At certain events we may issue a minor version fixing a very specific but critical issue to a specific customer. When this is done we would want to issue the version as fast as possible so we will not be able to complete the entire comprehensive testing cycle we perform for a version that is intended to become publicly used. At this even we may release the Studio in a compressed file format (.zip) and instruction the specific user to install it. This version will not effect other users from the same organization as we do not want to impact the entire organization in case the version includes an issue that was missed during the quick testing cycle.


The Process to update a version is described below.

 1)  Close the SurveyToGo Studio

2)  Go to the current installation folder and rename the folder. It would normally be under: In Windows click on Start->Run and Type Local Settings


3) It will open the file browser on your Local Settings folder. Navigate to   Application Data->Dooblo>SurveyToGo Studio>App. In WinXP you would find it here:


In Win 7/8/10 the path is as follows: c:\users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Dooblo\SurveyToGo Studio\App

Rename the existing folder (to something like in the above example) or anything similar.

4)  Download the Studio Zip that we provided and extract it to the above App folder. You should get a folder called 1.32.<version number>.0 . The <version number> would hold the version number of the Studio version we sent you. So basically you would have under App 2 folders: one with the name you provided with the rename and one with the new version.

5)   When you open the studio make sure the version is indeed the latest version that we provided (use the guide "How to find out the SurveyToGo studio version" for help).


That's it!

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