How To Ensure your Survey is Running on a Proper Data Collection app version


Our general approach is to be very responsive to customer needs and requests so we add new functionality to new released versions very often.

To be able to use a new functionality it is required that both the Studio and the data collection apps be updated to the versions that support it (Studio - to allow the scripting of it in a survey, Android/PC Survey - so it is recognized when the script is used to conduct interviews on the devices).

The organization versions and upgrades management is explained here:

It is always highly recommended to test every survey on the actual platform you are planning to conduct fieldwork with (Android App or PC Survey – the emulator is mainly relevant for the scripter during script design).  In such a case you will definitely test your new survey on a device that has a proper version on it (that supports the new used functionality) otherwise it would not work properly when tested.

To ensure that your surveys will be conducted properly in field you need to ensure that the version of the data collection app of your surveyors’ devices is not older (or 'at least') than the version you tested with.

You will then update the organization's data collection app to be the version you tested with but you would want to ensure that all your surveyors have actually completed the upgrades on their devices.

To do that we have a function that can be added to your script by the scripter that would check if the survey runs on an older version than the one you tested it with and if it is not it would not allow the interview to start.

Please check the following sample script to see how such a mechanism can be easily implemented in your survey scripts.

Please find attached a sample to show you how to implement, use this guide to learn how to import a survey - 

We do recommend that this becomes your best practice in every script that you build.   

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