Publish SurveyToGo reports through Power BI Gateway


This guide assumes that you have already setup the Power BI connector to get data and report on it as described Here.

Using Power BI's On-Premises Gateway and the latest version of the SurveyToGo Power BI connector, you can now connect your published datasets and reports to the connector through the gateway. This enables you to refresh your data from the Power BI web client.

The On-Premises Gateway behaves as a server which can have multiple data sources. The data source contains information on the survey and access credentials. Each published dataset must be connected to a relevant data source  in order for the data refresh to function through the Power BI web client.

Pre Requisites: Microsoft Power BI


On-Premises Gateway Installation

  1. Download and install the Power BI On-premises data gateway. You can find instructions here.
  2. Sign in to your organization's Power BI account within the Gateway.

On-Premises Gateway - SurveyToGo Setup

  1. Download and install the latest version of the Power BI SurveyToGo Connector from here.
    Please Note: Older datasets whose server identifier was not defined, must be edited and then re-published as this is now a required field.
  2. Within the On-premises gateway, either set the custom data connectors folder to the location where the connector has been installed or copy the connector to the defined folder. The local installation path should be:
    C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors
    Please make sure that the gateway service account has the relevant permissions for that folder.
  3. You should see the SurveyToGo connector loaded in the list of custom connectors:

Create a Data Source using the Gateway

  1. Go to your settings, 'Manage gateways':
  2. Under the 'On-premises data gateways' tab, you should see the defined gateway.
  3. From the 'Data sources' tab, you can add a new data source.
    1. Select the relevant gateway.
    2. Give the data source a name.
    3. Select SurveyToGo as the data source type.
    4. Fill in your survey and organization's credentials.
    5. Click on 'Create'.

Connect a Published Dataset to the Data Source

  1. After you have published a dataset from Power BI Desktop, go to it's settings under the Power BI web client 'Data hub':
  2. Under 'Gateway connection', either connect to the previously defined data source through the Gateway, or Manually add a new data source for this survey to the Gateway:
  3. Once this has been done, you can set the 'Scheduled refresh' settings for the dataset:
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