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SurveyToGo allows various data collection modes including CAPI face-to-face, CAWI online interviewing etc. In this guide we will describe the major common steps that you will follow when building a CAWI survey.

  • Script creation: The overall concept is that you would script a CAWI survey in the same manner you would for a CAPI one. You would be adding the questions and logic in the exact same way with the script designer in the Studio.

  • Testing your Survey: During script design you can preview the survey through the emulator so you have a CAWI preview and you now also have a way to generate a test link so you can test it on a browser as well:

  • Look and Feel: When you are done with basic script flow testing you can set/personalize the look and feel. This is done on the CAWI tab of the survey:

    The CAWI design including the built in Themes are explained here:
  • End Pages: Working with Panel companies may require you to configure your survey to allow panel companies to manage it (customize the links, redirected termination pages etc.). This is explained here: Working with Panels
  • Setup the Quotas & Targets in your survey, Review this guide to learn how - Quota Management in SurveyToGo
  • Link generation: You have various ways to create your survey links where each method will fit a different surveying scenario. This is a very important step and understanding the difference between the options is crucial here.

There are 4 types of links available:


  • Access-All Links - A single link that will be shared across all respondents - should be used when there is no need to follow up or have the identification of each respondent
  • Dynamic Unique Links - The Anonymous Unique links would normally be used when working with Panel Companies. See more here: Working with Panels
  • CAWI Participants Lists - Generate links to pre-defined participants list with additional information that can be used in the survey and is known in advanced, click here to learn more how to setup 
  • Manual Entry Links - Use this option to create manual links for specific email addresses

Read more in this guide about the different links available - How To Create CAWI Respondent Links


Please note: We recommend reviewing our CAWI Best Practices, click here to learn more.

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