How To Configure SurveyToGo to run in Kiosk Mode


For surveys that do not require a surveyor and are set as to get auto completed the Kiosk Mode can be used. 


  1. Design your survey and script it using STG Studio designer should be done the same as for offline surveys.
  2. Navigate to the survey root -> 'Kiosk' tab 
  3. Set Default Kiosk Options - Click this button to set the default Kiosk options 
  4. If you would like to customize your Kiosk and not use the default options choose the options you would like to implement:
    • Run in Loop - Allows the Interviews to run in loop meaning as soon as one interview is finished it will open a new interview without exiting to the survey form.
    • Sync Surveys Between Interviews - Enable this option if you would like to make changes to the survey and have those get synced to the devices while it is deployed. 
      Please note
       - This option only applies when the Android client is set to Auto Login (see below)
    • Run in Full Screen - Enable the option to show the interview on full screen
    • Hide All Buttons - Enable this option to Hide all buttons while running the interview
    • Show Reset Button - Enable if you would like to allow the user to reset the interview and start over.
    • Never Ask for password for Reset - By default when resetting an interview a password should be entered, this option should be enabled if you do not want the user to enter a password when resetting the interview.
    • Hide Save Button - Hide only the save button 
    • Do not allow user to cancel - Enable if you do not want to allow the user to cancel the interview mid run.
    • Hide interview start page interview summaries - Enable if you would like to hide the survey interviews summary in the start page.
    • Hide Survey Name and GPS Indicator - Enable to hide the survey name and the GPS indicator on the device.
    • Interview start page Run Button custom colors - Customize the background colors and text of the Run button in the start page.


Setup AutoLogin to the device:

While using the Kiosk mode you can setup your device to execute auto login which will auto login to SurveyToGo application and open a specific survey, this is useful when you do not want the users to login to the device each time it restarts. 

Follow these steps to enable

  1. Create a text file called 'STGLogin.txt'
  2. Inside the file add the following:
    • UserName
    • Password
    • OrganizationName
    • SurveyID
  3. Place the file you created in the device root directory (Internal Storage)
  4. Open the SurveyToGo application.

That's It !

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