How To Setup Your First CAWI Survey


This guide will describe the first steps you will need to setup and implement your CAWI survey. 


  1. Design your survey and script it using STG Studio designer should be done the same as for offline surveys.
  2. We recommend watching our online videos before starting. 
  3. Navigate to the CAWI tab on the survey root
  4. Setup and configure your Web Survey Display
  5. Create the link to send your respondents - We support different links that can be shared with your respondents, click here to learn more about each one.
  6. Create an email connector to send the links to the survey to your participants to complete, click here to learn more how.
  7. Setup & Customize the emails sent your respondents, click here to learn more

That's It !

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  • Thanks, the link from "Create Test Link" can use for interview or not?

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