SurveyToGo HTML Tags supported in Android


SurveyToGo supports some HTML tags that you can add and use to edit your questions, answers and topics texts.

The supported HTML tags on are:

  • <br> – inserts a single line break.
  • <div> – defines a division or a section in an HTML document.
  • <b> – specifies bold text.
  • <cite> – defines the title of a work (e.g. a book, a movie, etc.).
  • <dfn> –  represents the defining instance of a term in HTML.
  • <i> – specifies italic text.
  • <big> – defines bigger text.
  • <small> – defines smaller text.
  • <blockquote> – specifies a section that is quoted from another source.
  • <tt> – used for marking up keyboard input
  • <u> – defines underlined text.
  • <sup> –  defines superscript text
  • <sub> –  defines subscript text
  • <h1> – <h6> –  define HTML headings.
  • <img> – defines an image. Used with attributes “src”, “alt” and “id”.
  • <font> defines a font fromat. Used with attributes “color” and “face”. 

To insert an HTML code with these tags to the question’s body, right click on the text section and choose Insert -> HTML:

 In the opened window, write your HTML text:

 Click OK and view the text in the question’s Design tab:

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