How To Set Minimum/Maximum time on Question


This guide will describe how to setup minimum and/or maximum time on a question. 


  1. Navigate to the question you would like to setup
  2. Open the 'Advanced' Tab
  3. Scroll down to the 'Minimum Time /Auto Advance' section 
  • Auto Advance if no input given in time (sec) - set the time, in seconds, to wait until the surveyor inserts an input, if no input is entered before time end proceed 
  • Hide minimum-time countdown banner - set to true if you would like to hide the timer banner shown in the interview. 
  • Minimum time required on question (sec) - Set the minimum time you would like the surveyor to spend on this question in seconds. 
  • Show forward-button when minimum time has not yet elapsed - Set to true if you would like to show the button when minimum time is not yet elapsed or hide so the surveyor will not be able to go forward.

That's It !

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  • Does this function work on the CAWI screen?

    Would you need to display a video and make sure the interviewee got the minimum time to watch the video on screen before moving on to the next, another point we made sure to hide the play / pause video control?


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