How to use the Interviewer Productivity Metrics


SurveyToGo now supports a new Dashboard node aimed at showing you aggregated and individual “Interviewer Productivity Metrics” KPIs.

The new Dashboard is accessible either organization wide or per project from the Dashboards node: 

Please Note: If you don't see this in your organization please send an email to our support team ( and they will assist.

Online Video

Direct Youtube link (for full screen): 

The New Dashboard KPIs are shown either for All interviewers along with averages Or for the specific interviewer, with a daily breakdown. 

Please note: Each metric has 2 tabs KPI, will show a graphical view and Data will show the tabular data. 

1. Average Interview Length (Minutes) - Will show the average of the interview length for a project/organization. 

2. Average Time Between Interviews (Minutes) - Will show the average time between interviews for a project/organization.

3. Average Interview Count - Will show the average count of interviews across a project/organization.

4. Average Attempts per Completed Interview - Will show the average attempts to complete an interview. Will be used mostly in tracking surveys when needed to visit a specific place and re-try if no one is available. 

It is supposed to be set by the survey itself in the scripts using the following code:


The "val" is the number of visits

5. % interviews Completed First Attempt - Will show the % of interviews completed at first attempt, this is a derivative calculation from 'Attempts per Completed Interview'.

6. Average Workday Length (Hours) - Will show the average of the hours your surveyors workday, calculated by the start of the first interview of the day and the end time of the last interview of the day. 

7. % Active Interview Time - Will show the % of active time spent on interviews, calculated as the % of net duration from the total duration. 

8. Interview Completion per Hour - Will show a breakdown of the numbers of interviews completed per Hour Per Surveyor.

9. % Adherence To Methodology - This is a True/False metric with the use of showing which interview/s was performed properly and according to the rules set by the organization (Adherence to methodology). 

It is supposed to be set by the survey itself using the scripts using the following code:

SetInterviewExtraField(eInterviewExtraField.AdherenceToMethodology, val);

The "val" is a Boolean value (True/False) indicating if the interview adheres to the rules. 

The code should be placed either at the end of a survey or after the questions that determine whether the interview adheres or not.

Once you set a methodology for a survey it will be able to tell you how many and which interviews were adherent to that methodology.

10. % Interviews with GPS location information - Will show a breakdown of the GPS captured interviews per surveyor

11. % Silent Voice Recording - Will show the % of interviews with Recording/without recording per surveyor 

12. %Interviews overusing an answer code - Will show you if an answer code was over used by a surveyor. 

More on the individual KPI’s can be found her: KPI Reports

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