How To Create TOC (Table of Contents)


This article will guide you how to create Table Of Contents (TOC) in your survey, this will allow your surveyors to navigate freely between the Chapters/Sub-Chapters.

Important Note: Before you allow the surveyors to navigate freely please consider the following:

  • Some questions might be skipped and will not be answered.
  • You should not build your logic in a way that one question/section depends on something that was answered in another as the order of execution in  this case is not sequential but rather free navigation 
  • Do not to Randomize the TOC chapters as skipping chapters might cause the randomization not to work as expected and may result in unexplained behavior.


Activate the 'Chapter Navigate Freely' option under the 'Survey Properties' which allows to navigate freely between chapters after enabling the TOC feature.

Navigate to the 'Advanced' tab of each chapter you would like to include in the TOC and check the option 'Show in TOC' (don't forget to do that to the root chapter as well).

While running the interview you can then see an additional option when pressing the settings button called Chapters. Choose one to navigate to it.



You can also show Sub-Chapters in the TOC you should mark both of them as 'Show in TOC', as above described please navigate to the chapters 

Once you choose a chapter that includes Sub-Chapter you will be prompt with the following:

1. Choose 'Go' to continue to Chapter 3

2. Choose the Sub-Chapter you would like to navigate to.


Attached you can find an example, Click Here to learn how to import the survey -

That's it!


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