How To Pipe All the Other Specify Captured Within a Loop

Sometimes a loop can include a question with an "Other Specify" answer.

In this case, it is highly possible you would like to pipe all the answers the interviewer chose while iterating, but in each iteration there might be a different text entered for Other Specify.

This How To will show you how to retrieve all the additional texts entered in all the iterations, and present them as answers in a different question.


There is a survey for example attached. Please import it and view it along with the instructions. Use this guide to import the survey-


1. Go to the question you'd like to set its answers to be all the answers from the loop. In the example-survey that would be Q2.

2. Set its answers to be the same as the question inside the loop.

3. Enter additional answers named: Other Specify From Iteration1, Other Specify From Iteration2, Other Specify From Iteration3, etc'...
Add one answer like this for each iteration:

4. Now, notice the Start Script of Q2 in the example-survey. The script includes comments to describe what is done in each part of it.


5. That's it!



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  • Hi Support Team,

    It is correct with single choice in Q1 with only one other specific. If Q1 is multiple choice and more than one other specific ( to 2 from 5), it didn't work. Could you guide me this with multiple choice for Q1 and Q2?

    Thank you so much

    Thuy Hang

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