How To Access a Script Data From Previous Rounds of the Same Survey


When conducting a survey in rounds you might want to present collected data from the previous round to the surveyor.


In this how to we will use the following example in order to demonstrate this method- we have a list of SKUs for which we keeping track of ‘available stock’ in our survey we are iterating over all SKUS and we want to display their previous stock amount and ask for the current one.


Step 1: creating the SKU list

Create an additional data list that will hold the data that needs to be carried from one month to the next (see here on how to add additional data lists:

For example, this list can be composed of the SKU, SKU_code and PreviousStock columns. In the first month the value of PreviousStock will be 0 for all SKU's.

So the list should resemble this list:


Step 2: Create a loop chapter which will loop over all the SKUS and Add a question to the survey which will ask for the new stock count and will display the previous one

  1. Add a loop chapter which will iterate over a scale, the scale will contain all the SKUS as they appear in the list.
  2. Add a numeric question to the survey:


     3.  Add the script to display the previously noted stock:


Step 3: After a round is over, update the list using the collected data

  1. Export the data to excel.
  2. Add the exported data to the SKU additional data list, you can either edit it manual in the studio or edit the original excel file and then replace the original list in the studio (right clicking the store and choosing ‘replace’):


Now the surveyor will see the previously collected data presented in the interviews:



That's it!


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