How To Display a Non Editable Value


If you would like to display a value to the interviewer, captured or calculated somewhere in your survey without allowing the surveyor to modify it - as a "read-only" value.

In this how to we will demonstrate the concept while using the following example – I want to display a unique generated number to the surveyor (we will be using the How-to-generate-a-unique-respondent-id method for this), I would like to store this value as an answer to a question and I would like to show it to the interviewer but I do not want him to have the ability to modify this value. 

How to implement:

1. Add a dummy question that will hold the needed value, in our case an open ended dummy question with a variable name of DummyOE:


2. Add the script to set the value to this question:



Please note: the script cannot be placed inside the actual dummy question as scripts placed inside dummy questions are not executed, please place the script     in a displayed question.

3. Add an empty question with a place holder in its text which will present the value to the surveyor but since it is an empty question he will not be able to modify     it:


4. Add the script to pipe the value from the dummy question (If you are not familiar with our piping method please review this guide : Piping-text-into-Questions-and-Answers):


And here is how it will be displayed on the device:



That’s it!

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