Enabling Watermarks on Captured Images


In certain projects where you capture images during your interviews you would want to embed into the images some additional information.

We enable today the addition of the following:

  •  Watermark pictures taken with the relevant date and time
  •  Watermark pictures taken with the organization name
  • Watermark pictures taken with Subject Details (Survey Name and the Device Index).

Note: If you are not familiar with what the Device Index of an interview is you can refer to the following short document: http://support.dooblo.net/entries/30995572-The-Interview-Device-Related-Identifiers-DeviceIndex-DeviceID-and-SID

To enable the Watermarks on a specific survey you will need to activate the respective settings on the survey Properties

Watermark Settings.jpg


Images that were captured in a survey where Watermarks have been defined will appear as shown here:



If you wish to add custom text to the watermark, starting with version 1.32.232 of the Android app you can do so by adding the following call back function to the Advanced scripts of the survey:

function OnGetImageWatermark(inFilePath, inName)


        if (CurrQues == QRef(3)  ) {  

             return "Custom watermark Q3!!";


        else {  

            return "Unknown...";



This sample code above will add the "Custom watermark Q3!!" custom text to the watermark if the picture was taken from within Q3. But of course you can modify this code to suite your needs.

That's It!

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