How To Add Existing Survey to Project


Usually a new survey is created from within an existing project and so automatically attached to this project and seen under it in the organization tree. Yet there’re cases where existing surveys are not attached to any project in the tree. That is, the surveys were created in the past and they do exist in the account, only those are not shown in the organization tree in the studio. This can happen when a survey has been removed from a project (right click a survey and select Remove).

This article will show you how to attach an existing survey script to a project in the organization tree.


Step 1: Find the survey you need

Step 2: Attach it to the a project


Step 1: Find the survey you need

Inside the toolbar of the studio open the 'Tools' tab and select Search for survey:



Surveys that are not linked to a project and a customer will have NA under those columns:


Step 2: Attach it to the a project:

There are two options for re-attaching the survey:

First option:

1. Right click the survey in the survey search and select "Attach to project":


2. Then select the desired client an project to attach the survey to:



Second option:

1. Right click the survey in the survey search and select "Get survey path":


A message will be prompted displayed the path in which to find this survey


2. Open the organization tree in the studio and go to the project you want to add an existing survey to.

3. Right-click on the selected project and choose the “Add existing survey to project” option:



4. In the opened window you’ll find a tree (similar to the organization tree in the studio) with all customers, projects and surveys that exist in the account’s folders. Navigate to the path as it was displayed in the prompt message and find the survey.


5. Mark the survey you want to add and click on “Add survey”:


That’s it!


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