How To Use Text Highlighting Rendering Option


SurveyToGo supports showing the “Text Highlighting” rendering type for the multiple selection question. When used, a custom text is shown and you can then mark the words in that custom text. This can be great for marking words that make a respondent feel a certain way.


To use the “Text Highlighting” rendering types follow these steps:


Configure the question type

To use the “Text Highlighting” rendering types follow these steps:

  1. Add a Multiple selection question to the survey, and add both the question text and the custom text in the question text are:

  2. Add the special “@@_@@” separator between the question text and the text to show to be marked:

  3. Next, set the rendering mode of the question to “Text Highlighting”:

  4. Now, you can click the “Convert Text to Answers” button to have SurveyToGo add the words you added to be marked, as answers of this question:

    which will add all the answer:


    Important Note: Do not specify any number in the  Num Of Columns field. Make sure it stays empty.

Here is the list of options relevant for this question rendering mode:

  1. Underline visible answers: this will underline all the words that the respondent can select (so if some are not selectable it will only show the relevant ones)
  2. Highlight hidden answers: this will highlight in gray any answer that is marked as hidden in the advanced answer properties. This is useful in case you wish to show the respondent which words are not selectable.


That’s it!


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