How To Format Questions and Answers Texts and Images


SurveyToGo supports formatting the surveys’ questions and answers texts as well as embedding images into it in various ways.

This How-to will show you everything you need to know about formatting questions and answers.


Note: This implementation uses the Text Piping method. To learn more about Text piping,click here.

1. Step 1: Format question’s text

2. Step 2: Adding HTML tags


Step 1: Format question’s text

Changing the format of the question’s text is done through the question’s View tab.

It allows you to implement basic text formatting for part of the text or all of it such as colors, bold/underline/italic settings:



These are the formatting tools (from left to right):

  •  Undo – Erases the last change done to the document reverting it to the older state.
  • Redo – Reverses the undo or advances the buffer to a more current history.
  • Cut – Cuts and remove marked text
  • Copy – Copies marked text
  • Paste – Pastes text that was last copied
  • Find and replace – Allows searching for a certain text / part of text and also replacing it with another text. 
  • Clear formatting – Clears all the formatting settings that have been done to the text.
  • Font color – Changes the color of the text.
  • Subscript – Indicator that is smaller than the normal line of text and is set slightly below.
  • Superscript – Indicator that is smaller than the normal line of text and is set slightly above.
  • Bold – Sets the text to Bold
  • Italic – Sets the text to Italic
  • Underline – Sets the text to be underlined
  • Insert Picture – Adds a picture embedded in the question’s body.
  • Insert attachment source image placeholder – ENABLED ONLY FOR ANSWERS/TOPICS: Inserts a placeholder in the text’s body to a dynamic image insertion.

Viewing the HTML Source code:

You can view the HTML Source code of the formatted text automatically created bu the used tools.

To view this code, enable the “Show HTML source” checkbox on the bottom right:

And then switch from the Design tab to the HTML Source tab:


Step 2: Adding HTML tags

SurveyToGo supports some HTML tags that you can add and use to edit your questions, answers and topics texts.

The supported HTML tags are:

  •  <br> – inserts a single line break.
  • <div> – defines a division or a section in an HTML document.
  • <b> – specifies bold text.
  • <cite> – defines the title of a work (e.g. a book, a movie, etc.).
  • <dfn> –  represents the defining instance of a term in HTML.
  • <i> – specifies italic text.
  • <big> – defines bigger text.
  • <small> – defines smaller text.
  • <blockquote> – specifies a section that is quoted from another source.
  • <tt> – used for marking up keyboard input
  • <u> – defines underlined text.
  • <sup> –  defines superscript text
  • <sub> –  defines subscript text
  • <h1> – <h6> –  define HTML headings.
  • <img> – defines an image. Used with attributes “src”, “alt” and “id”.
  • <font> defines a font fromat. Used with attributes “color” and “face”. 

To insert an HTML code with these tags to the question’s body, right click on the text section and choose Insert -> HTML:

 In the opened window, write your HTML text:

 Click OK and view the text in the question’s Design tab:


That’s it!

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