How To Add and Display Images, Videos and Sound Files to a Survey


SurveyToGo enables you to attach a picture or any other media content, like Word files, sounds, videos etc.. to a specific question of a survey and then enables the surveyor to view that content while he/she is on the relevant question. This is very useful when you need to show a picture of a product and then ask questions about it.

Today there are 2 options:

1. Add the image/video/sound as an attachment

2. Add an image only directly to the Question - this option will also allow you to show text before and after the image. 

Option 1 - Add as an Attachment

You can add an attachment (image/video/audio) using 2 methods:

  1. Add the attachment to the survey 
    • Navigate to the survey Advanced tab 
    • click on 'Edit Survey Attachments' 
    • Choose 'New' to add the attachments 
    • repeat until all attachments are uploaded
    • Once all attachments are added navigate to the relevant question you would like to show the attachment in - click on Advanced - Attachments - and check the attachment you would like to show and click OK
  2. Add the attachment directly to the question you would like to show it in
  • Open up SurveyToGo Designer
  • Select the relevant question and switch to the Advanced tab:
  • Click the “Attachments” link:
  • You will then see the question attachments screen from which you can either select a previous loaded attachment or add a new one. To add a new one, click the “New” button:
    add file.jpg
  • Click the OK button to close the window, and then ok again to continue:
  • That’s it. Save a deploy the survey.

Option 2 - Add Directly into the Question

Insert a picture as embedded HTML image file in the question's body

With picture files, you can add those as an HTML image embedded in the question's body, instead of attach them to the question as shown above.

To add a picture to the question's body, click on the "Insert Picture" button in the question's View tab:


Choose the wanted image:

And it will be inserted where you want in the question's body:

Attachment Properties 

There are different attachment properties that control the attachments and described here:

Property Description
Advance After Attachment When true the next question will be shown automatically
Automatically view attachments Will show the attachments automatically when question is shown (no need to press any buttons)
Display Attachment in Body Will display the attachments in the question body
Do Not Auto fit Attachments Will not auto fit the attachments
Do Not show video controls On videos will not show the video control (mostly used to prevent the surveyor from stopping)
Hide Attachment Prev/Next Will Hide the Prev/Next buttons from surveyor
Hide Attachments toolbar Will hide the toolbar (mostly used to prevent the surveyor from stopping or continuing ahead of time)
Hide/Show Attach Button Will hide/show the attachment button to show an attachment
Ignore Clicks on Images Will ignore any clicks on the image which in some cases may stop or continue the video/image
Legacy Attachments in Body Show the image in legacy mode 
Videos in sequence If more than 1 video is shown it will show them one after the other


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