How To Control the Alignment of Answers and Topics


In the recent SurveyToGo versions we have added a new rendering and alignment functionality for topics and answers. It allows setting alignment options that can be shared between answers and topics.

  1. Enabling the rendering mode for the entire survey or specific questions
  2. Setting the alignment


1: Enabling the rendering mode

All new surveys will have the rendering mode enabled by default. Existing surveys will have the Rendering mode turned off by default to not interfere with the existing display mode of the survey on the devices.

  • Activate/deactivate the feature for the entire survey – on the Survey Properties tab tick the check- box “Use Advanced Rendering Mode (Recommended)” to activate as shown in the picture.
  • Enabling/disabling the feature for a specific question – on the question’s Advanced tab choose one of three states: True, False and Inherit. This can enable/disable the new rendering engine for the specific question. 


2: Setting the alignment

This is relevant to questions where the Answers/Topics include images. Under each question’s Image Properties link (under the question’s Advanced tab) tick the “Use Advanced Answer/Topic Alignment (Recommended)” check- box. It will be checked by default for new questions. Do notice that this feature will only function if that specific question will have the new rendering engine enabled for it (by either activating the feature for the entire survey or enabling it for this question).


You can see below an example. If the settings are as shown here:

The question will be displayed this way:

And if we set it to display the images above the text:

The question will be displayed this way:


That’s it!
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