How to Capture Photos/Videos/Sound During an Interview


STG supports multimedia capturing and attaching existing multimedia files to an interview, during the interview. 

This article will show all the ways to do so.

Capturing multimedia using the Multimedia question:

The "Multimedia" question type allows you to capture sound/photo/video during the interview. The captures files will be automatically attached to the inetrview and will be uploaded along with interview result to the server. Please view this link to learn more about Multimedia question: 

Capturing a photo through the app menu:

STG allows to capture a photo in any stage during the interview, that will be attached to the interview as well (This is possible on android devices only). To allow this, check the "Show take picture menu action" property in the Survey Properties tab:

take pic.jpg

When this check box is enabled, you'll see the "Camera" button in the app's menu:



Attach to interview existing multimedia file saved on the device:

You can choose to attach to the interview files that weren't captured during the interview, but existing files saved on the device. Enter this link to learn more about this procedure: How-To Attach Files from the Device During an Interview


That's it!

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