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A great way to test your survey while working on the script through the designer is by using the emulator.

The emulator displays a general view of how a specific question will look like. The view of the emulator is not always identical to the real view of the device or the PC Surveyor, but it does give a general feel of how it will look like.
You can run the emulator to test your survey and see how it works.

The different views

PC Preview – this view emulates the view on the PC Surveyor, however it is more commonly used between the two views as it is more convenient.

Mobile Preview – This emulates the view on a general mobile devices, however it is less commonly used.

Running the emulator

For starting the emulator from the beginning of the survey you can click the ‘Run In Emulator’ button.

Besides that, at any question in your survey, you can right click it, and choose: “Start Question in Emulator”

This will open the emulator and run the survey from the specific selected question.
A good way for testing particular parts of the survey instead of running from the start.

Useful Tip: If you wish to make some testing from a specific question in the survey that depends on lots of answers before it – you can temporarily change its script’s & rules to fit to the particular test instead of running the whole survey from the start. (i.e. if it has an entrance rule that depends on previous answers, you can temporarily delete it for the test and then re-write it back in when the test is successful)

The Emulators Interface

Let’s point out a few important features in the interface:
1. Under the emulator through the “Settings” tabs, you can configure the emulator to collect or not collect test results.

Further more, you can configure if it should use your configured quotas or not.

2. The Main View Port shows that current question displayed.

3. The PC Surveyor buttons are used for general actions for the surveyor such as: Cancel, Stop, Save, View Attachments, Change Languages, etc’

4. The Location Indicator shows you the survey as a Node Tree and allows navigation by double clicking a question or by entering a numeric value in the numerical navigation buttons.

5. Page Number and Navigation buttons.

6. Survey Name.

7. Info Tabs:

Log: This tab shows the system back-end activity that literally happens behind the scenes.

Trace: This tab shows any information you have sent to it by using the Trace() function.
The Trace() function is used for debugging, it gets a value and presents it in this tab’s window.

Variables: This tab shows all the Global Variables you have declared throughout the interview.

Quotas: This tab shows the current quota selected according to the quota script logic.

Please Note: If you are using the QuotaMgr() function in your script to find the least filled quota (click here to learn more) please make sure that you also edit the Current/Target quotas. 
Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Emulator 
  2. Navigate to Emulator - Edit Quota Target
  3. In the next screen change the Current and Target for 1-2 of the quotas

    so when you run it one will have more quota captured than the other and check that the least filled quota was the one captured. 


If you have finished an interview, it’s result will be upload to the server as a test result and you would be able to view it in your operations console and even export it if you wish.

That’s it!

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