How To Print a Survey to PDF


 This HowTo will show you how you can print your survey to a PDF format.


  1. Install a utility that enables you to ‘Print to PDF’. There are many out there. Just go to Google and search for ‘Print to PDF’.
  2. Open your survey.
  3. Click on ‘Print’ and select the virtual printer ‘Print to PDF’ utility that you just installed.

  4. The ‘Print to PDF’ utility will open. For example in this utility I need to select where to save the PDF file and click OK.

  5. In case you want to print the questions rules as well, just mark this checkbox.

    ***NOTE: Please notice that this will not show any of the survey scripts.

  6. Here is a sample PDF file of a survey from SurveyToGo that was created by a ‘Print to PDF’ utility.


      ***NOTE: Please notice that you are able to print out only your questions, answers and rules!


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