How-To Attach Files from the Device During an Interview


There are situation where you would want to attach existing files on the device to an interview. For example images that have been captured prior to the interview start. SurveyToGo allows this. Any file that you attach during the interview while on a specific question will become part of the interview (will be considered as an attachment captured for that question) and will be uploaded along with the interview to the server.

      To add an attachment stored on the device during an interview:

  1. Press the Settings->Attach


  2. Press Settings->Add File.
  3. Choose the file you want to attach

  4. You will see the file name on a list. By pressing on a file name you will get its details and preview.

  5. Press on the Back button to get back and continue with the survey.
  6. You can continue running the interview normally and once you synchronize the results the pictures are synced together with the interview.
  7. You can view attachments of specific results in the operations console.
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