How To Add or Update Multiple Answers


This how-to will show you how to add and update multiple Answer’s at once.
Costing you to add\update them on-by-one.


This feature allows you to add multiple answers at once.

  1. Go to the Answer’s tab of a question, click ‘Multi-Add’ and enter your answers text.
    an ‘Enter’ key will represent a new answer:

If you wish to manipulate the Answers Code as well, you can write them in the following syntax.

Adding the ‘[c]X’ ("c" stands for "code", "X" stands for a number), will set the answer code for this answer with the number you wrote.


Please note: By clicking on the 'Help wiht Adavanced Input' you can see the different syntax method description.


If you wish to update and change the current answers, you can use the ‘Multi-Upd’ button.
It will over-write the current answers and even add new answers.

SurveyToGo SmartWatcher

The following will discuss updates of answer lists/scales on production surveys. 

The basic concept is that you do not delete answers of a question or in a a scale as this is not a safe change to a production survey and will lead to data loss.

There will be cases where you would need to update existing answer texts.For example Brand A's name needs to be changed to Brand AA (as your customer may have requested that as the brand name has been slightly changed/updated in the market).

If the change is for few answers only the fastest way would be to update each answer directly manually (by editing the answer text). 

if your changes are significant you may use the 'Multiple update' to perform them. Using the Multi Update functionality can be very useful but pay attention that if it is wrongly used while updating a survey that is in production it may lead to data loss. In Studio Version 370 we added a new functionality named SmartWatcher.   When you use the 'Multiple update' on a Production survey you will be prompted that SurveyToGo has identified that Answer/Topic have changed and you will be asked to direct SurveyToGo how to safely make the adjustments so to preserve the consistency of the items and ensure that data that was collected will not be impacted. For example in the example we provided above we would want to instruct SurveyToGo to match Brand AA with the previous Brand A.

If you select 'No' the mechanism will load the new list and create the answers as new items with new IDs. As the data was collected using the old internal IDs it may cause issues with the already collected data. In thsi case there will be a new Answer named Brand AA with a new ID (not what we intended which was to rename Brand A to be Brand AA). So the recommendation is to use 'Yes' if you have data that has already been collected and is needed for analysis. 

Choosing 'Yes' Will prompt the following window which shows the new answers/topics that do not match previous items in the list. Matching Answers are ones that have the same texts as the before the update (even if changed their position in the list).

Click on one of the answers/topics to see the similar matches found choose on of them if they are indeed the answers you wanted to replace in order to save and keep the coding. The best match will be shown as the first option and then the rest of the answers will show.

Please Note:

  • Clicking on 'Clear Match' will clear the selection and you will be able to choose another answer. 
  • Once you choose an answer/topic it will not be shown for the others as an option. 

Un-check the option 'Hide Matched Answers' to see all the answers including those that SurveyToGo has found a match for. 

Please remember that making changes on answer lists/Scales may result in data loss if nor done properly so please contact our support if you have any doubt before making the change. 

That’s it!

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