How To Render Single-Choice \ Single Choice Grid Questions


Single-Choice questions and Single Choice Grid questions have different rendering modes.
Here we will see examples of how you can show them differently to suit your needs.

Single-Choice Questions

  • First create a Single-Choice question.
  • Now you will notice under the ‘Answers’ tab there is a selection box called ‘Render Mode’

  • If you click it, you would see the different rendering modes:
  • ‘Radio Buttons’ is the default one:
  • ‘Selection Box’, once click, would display it as a list with all the optional answers:
  • ‘Selection List’ is the same as ‘Selection Box’, besides that it displays all the answers without clicking it:
  • ‘Auto Complete List’ would display all optional answers as a list, filtering out the answers according to the text you input in the box.
    * Please notice that in order to use it, the answers have to be ordered by A-Z, you can do that by adding ‘SortAnswers(CurrQues)’ to the start script of the question.
  • ‘Auto Complete List (Long)’ is the same as ‘Auto Complete List’, just used in case of very long answer lists.

Single-Choice Grid Questions:

  • First create a Single-Choice Grid question
  • Now you will notice under the ‘Answers’ tab there is a selection box called ‘Render Mode’


  • ‘Selection Box’ is the default one and will show the answers like this:

  • ‘Radio Buttons’ will show each topic, with the optional answers as radio buttons below it:
  • ‘Table Layout (Only for PC)’ would show it as a table:
  • ‘Flipped Table Layout (Only For PC)’ is the same as the previous one, but flipped:
  • ‘Ranked Scale’ will show the topics boxes at the top, and the answers boxes at the bottom, while the topics can be dragged and dropped to a single answer box:


That’s it for different rendering modes !

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