How To Edit Questions Properties


Sometimes we need to change the preferences of a large amount of questions, instead of going one by one, now you can use the ‘Edit Question Props’ and edit as much questions as you want at once.

  • First, right click the Main Chapter of you survey (Root) and choose ‘Edit Question Props’.
  • The following window that will provide you the option to choose the specific question you wish to edit.
    You can check all, or choose specifically.
  • At the bottom, you can choose which preferences you wish to edit in the selected questions:
  • Common Usages:
    a. Changing the missing value of a question, by default its ‘-1′.

    b. Changing the question to export as text instead of as its variable name.
    c. Changing ‘Allow No Answer for specific questions.

    d. Change ‘Show Instruction’.
    e. Change ‘Hide from Surveyor’.
    f. Change ‘Starts a new page’.

  • After finishing editing, click ‘OK’ and the changes will be saved.

That’s it!

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