How To Add Images to Answers and Topics


This how to will demonstrate how to add pictures to answers/topics.
Adding pictures to answers/topics can help you give an added value to your survey by providing a visual experience of the answers for your respondents.

Step 1: Adding Images

First go to a question’s Advanced tab and click the ‘Answer Properties’ button.
Then, if you scroll to the far right of the table, you would be able to choose images under the ‘Image’ column.
Click it, Choose ‘Add New’ and add the desired image or multiple images – Click Upload.

Please Note that images can also be edited & added through a specific answer properties

However, this way might be more convenient for editing a single answer rather than all of them.

Step 2: Setting Images to Answers

Now you can click on the same image column next to the relevant answer and choose an image to add to it.

Step 3: Showing the Answers as Pictures

Now, when showing the relevant question, images will be presented respectively next to their answers:

Please note, that when using an Answer Scale, these settings should be configured through the ‘Edit Answer Scales’ under the ‘Advanced’ tab of the main survey node.


Setting images for topics is configured exactly the same as answers, but through the 'Topic Properties'.

That’s it!

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  • Is there a specific size for the images?

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