How to Create Start\End Scripts



Start & End scripts are used in order to execute a piece of code before the question runs, or after it.
Every type of question has its own set of Start Script Box & End Script Box.
These box’s are available for writing some code.

How To Do It?

If you wish to run a piece of code right before the question is entered, you should write it in the ‘Start Scripts’:

If you wish to write a code that will run immediately as the current question is finished, you should write it in the ‘End Script’:

The ‘Validate’ button is used for validating if the code you wrote is valid in terms of correct syntax.

If not, it would prompt you with an error message explaining what is not correct, for example:

Usually Start Scripts are used when you need to manipulate the upcoming question, before it is display, such as filtering its answers according to an other questions answers.

End Scripts are usually used when you need to perform some code that depends on the current questions answers, therefore, you must execute it in the ‘End Code’ after the question was already answered.

That’s it!

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