How to Add the ‘Other Specify’ Option to an answer


When creating a multi-selection question, in most cases we will want to have an option such as:
“Other Specify”.

For example if we ask the respondent: “Which of the following brands are familiar to you?”

We would have to be ready for the scenario which the respondent is not familiar with the brands we mentioned, but is familiar with an-other type of brand.

Therefore, we should use the ‘Other Specify’ option.

How to add the ‘Other Specify’ option in Multi-Selection questions

  • Create a Multi-Selection question and add answers
  • Add an answer and call it ‘Other’ (Or whatever you wish)
  • Then click the properties button as the following picture shows:


  • The next window will pop up, you should check the ‘Other Specify’ check box.
    Then you will be able to choose the input type.
  • If you wish this answer to be an exclusive answer, check the ‘Exclusive Answer’ checkbox.

That’s it!

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