How To Add Multiple Questions Per Page


Adding multiple questions per page might come in hand in various different ways.

It comes in hand, if we want to gather a few questions regarding a product, a person, or anything you think of – in one page.

For example, let’s say our surveyor is interviewing people for very short interviews of 4 questions; it will be much more efficient to show all of the questions in one page per respondent than showing them in different pages, making it much more focused and efficient for the surveyor and for the respondent as well.

The following steps will instruct you how to add multiple questions per page:

Adding Multiple Questions Per Page

  • Ok, first of all we will need to configure the maximum number of question in page through the ‘survey properties’:


  • Now we can decide which question will start a new page:


  • And in order to make the next questions show on the same page as the first one, we will need to uncheck the ‘Starts a new page’ box in the next questions.


  • This will gather all of the next questions under the question which we checked as ‘Starts a new page’, as the following picture show’s:


Simple as that!

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