void OnSurveyQCFlagChanged(IQCSurveyFlags inFlags);


This callback will be called when a Quality Control flag is set. If a given flag is set, the inFlags.<flag> will return true. This callback can be used to set custom fields in the script or to automatically cancel the interview.


The following is a list of parameters the functions receives 

Parameter Type Description
inFlags IQCSurveyFlags the Boolean value of all Quality Control flags at the time the function is called

The flag updates are divided into 4 categories:

  1. Survey Start - those that are set right at the start of the interview
  2. Mid Survey - those that are set immediately when they are violated
  3. Survey Save - those that are set when the interview is saved (either by auto-save, script, or manually)
  4. Survey End - those set after the interview is completed, and so do not trigger the callback unless the subject is re-entered after submitting.
Category Type

Survey Start

  • ByGPSServicesOff

Mid Survey

  • ByScript
  • ByRuntimeScriptError
  • ByClockChange
  • ByFakeGPS
  • ByGPSTimeDifferenceDate
  • ByGPSTimeDifferenceStale

Survey Save

  • ByQuestionTakingTooLong
  • StraightLining
  • ShortOpenEnededAnswer
  • ByAnswerCode
  • FlaggedByPartialRacing

Survey End


  • ByNoGps
  • ByBacktracking
  • ByGPSCapturedAtEnd
  • TooManySessions
  • OddHours
  • ByDuration
  • ByNoSilentRecordings
  • ByDeviceRooted

Return Type



function OnSurveyQCFlagChanged(inFlags)
   SetInterviewExtraField(eInterviewExtraField.CustomData1, "GPS services are turned off.");

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