Uploading data of stopped interviews


There are various scenarios where you would need to provide access to an interim CAPI or CAWI interview data to your data teams. That refers to incomplete stopped interviews (that are still on the devices for CAPI) but the data team would need to access their 'partial' data. An example for this may be a returning visits survey where the surveyor is required fir multiple visits to complete the interview such as Diary surveys or a Placement/Recalls of a product where it may take several visits to complete the entire interview.

For that purpose we have created the ability to upload stopped interviews from the devices during sync.

To enable it you need to build your script accordingly.

  1. Under the survey Properties enable the option called ‘Allow upload of stopped interviews’

  2. In the advanced scripts we use a callback that should return true in order for the option to work
    For example you only want the data to start uploading after an initial screening/setup part has been completed.
    With this function you determine when and how you upload the data: https://support.dooblo.net/hc/en-us/articles/4732414241938-OnUploadOfStoppedInterview-

    Each interview that is stopped and saved will have its partial data uploaded (in case of CAPI or simply become accessible when referring to CAWI interviews) once the above call back function will return true as a result.

    Important Note: This will provide the interview with a SubjectID and make its data accessible therefore will deduct a credit from your interviews balance (even if the interview will be cancelled later on).  The data of that interview will be available for you to be reviewed and exported.

    Thank you!
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