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In the web survey display options you will find different configurations related to your CAWI survey such as: Branding, Display, Quotas, end links etc.  

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  1. Navigate to the 'CAWI' tab on the root survey - choose the 'Web Survey Display Options'
  2. The Options consist of 2 tabs 

Operation & Behavior 

Includes different settings regarding the Interview operation and behavior.

  • Quotas- this section control different execution options related to the logic and interview behavior
    • Max Quota - This option should be checked and defined to limit the amount of interviews collected for this survey for example: you would like 50 people only to answer this survey, once you reach this max the 51st person will not be able to answer the interview. 
      Please Note:
      1. If you start several interviews at the same time and complete them at the same time there can be more than the amount setup.
      2. Filtered Interviews will not be considered in the Max Quota Count.
    • Use Quotas - Enable this option when the survey was setup with quotas and you would like to use them in the CAWI as well. 
    • Min time to recheck - This option is related to quotas and only enabled when use quota is checked, when returning to a subject we re-check quotas if : (Now - subject SubmitTime) < min time to check quotas.
    • Must fill quota - This option will only be enabled when using the Survey Quotas it is a unique quota option that is based on the Rule Quota while using the subject Properties (it is not based on any of the survey questions), it will allow you to proceed only if one of the quotas captured. 
  • Progress  
    • Do not allow subject to stop & start - When using dedicated links (dynamic, participants lists etc.) the respondent can stop & continue the interview returning to the last question he visited, when this option is enabled the option to stop & continue will be disabled. 
    • Block auto advance - When this option is enabled the questions will not auto-advance even if they are set in the survey. 
    • Max time to restart - This option will be enabled (and used in web client) when you enabled the option 'Do not allow stop and continue'. If this value is set than we allow to return to the subject only if  (Now - subject SubmitTime)< max time to return.
  • Display Options 
    • Hide Question Number - will hide the question number from the display
    • Show 'Clear Answer' - will show a 'cancel' button on the top left corner to cancel the survey
    • Questions in Page - set the numbers of questions to display in page
    • Format - will format the progress bar to show 1 of the 3 options
      • Empty - no indicators at all
      • Small - Page X
      • Full - Page X of Y
    • Hide "Powered By" - When enabled hides the text from the survey end page
    • Show Help Link - Add your own help link 
  • Location 
    • Capture subject Geo-Location - enable this option to capture the interview geo location


The style provides you with the option to customize the Look & Feel of the survey, choosing one of 3 styles:

  • SurveyToGo Themes - built in themes in different colors, click here to learn more.
  • Custom Themes - customize your survey look & feel using basic settings, click Here to learn more.
  • Custom CSS - Allows you to use CSS file and customize it click here to learn how. 


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