How To: Connect Your Domain to SurveyToGo


When you generate CAWI links, SurveyToGo will automatically uses the as the domain on which your surveys are hosted. In cases where you would like to use your own domain so that the browser will display instead of, you can follow the below instructions to map your domain to SurveyToGo.

Essentially turning this:


to this ( represents your domain name):


Important note: To get the domain mapping feature working with HTTPS connections, you need to follow the instructions on the bottom of this guide regarding sending Dooblo your SSL certificate.


Step 1: Add a CNAME dns record 

For this step, we assume that you are the owner of your Domain name and have access to your DNS configuration control panel. You will need to do the following:

  1. Add a CNAME Record with your desired domain mapping and map it to
  2. Save the CNAME record

Next go ahead and test the CNAME mapping by browsing to our test page. The test page is called test.html and resides on the root of the site. So for example, if you have mapped with a CNAME record, you can test the CNAME mapping by browsing to: - if successful you will see this test page:


Once you see this message it means that the CNAME record is working correctly. In case you are seeing an error it means the CNAME is not working properly. Please note that sometimes it takes 
~10-30 minutes for DNS CNAME records to apply.


Step 2: Change The Survey Web Client URL  

The next step you should do is go the Web Survey Display options page, and make sure to change the "STG Web Client URL" settings to your mapped domain:

  1. In the Studio, open the relevant CAWI survey 
  2. Switch to the "CAWI" tab and press the "Web Client Settings" button:

  3. Then change the STG Web Client URL to match you mapped domain. Make sure to keep the "/client/" part of the URL. So this:
    would become this:

Now you are ready to generate the survey links and these will be generated using the new mapped domain name.


Step 3: (Optional) Setting up Domain Mapping with SSL 

In case you would like the domain mapping feature to work with SSL, it will require an SSL certificate to be set for the domain. The certificate creation and enablement on the domain (all done by our team) comes with an additional cost.

Purchasing can be done with this payment link:

Once a purchase is made, a notification is sent to our IT team who then initiate the process. Please note that there is a DNS Validation step that is required to complete the process (done by your IT based on an update from the support team and that will include details on the required action).

The process can take up to 48 hours to initiate. 

We will update you via the support team once the certificate is set.


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