How To Setup an Email Connector


SurveyToGo has integrated the studio with a cloud based email provider to allow the sending of web surveys using the SurveyToGo Studio via email to a Respondent list.

This guide will describe how to embed an email connector service.

Currently we have integrated 'SendGrid' email provider click here to learn more about this provider and SMTP. 

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Setting an Email Connector 

  1. Navigate to the CAWI tab of your survey, select the Distribution sub-tab and click on 'Email Connectors'
  2. In the following screen choose the connector Type you would like to setup
    • Send Grid - Fill out all the parameters and click 'OK'
    • Please Note: To get the API Key you will need to login to your SendGrid account - Settings - API Key - Create API Key
    • SMTP Connector - Fill the different parameters for the SMTP server and click OK 
      Please Note: The Gmail SMTP server address: 
  3. Once connector is setup choose 'Test Connector' enter to and from (if default not defined) email addresses, and click 'Send Test Mail'
    • If you do not receive your test email please check your Junk email address to make sure it's not there and if so mark it as not spam.


1. Email Sent to Spam/Junk - when you are sending a test connection and it seems to be stuck in the Spam/Junk email folder please follow these steps to solve:

  1. Check if your emails meet up to the CAN-SPAM standard send grid deliverability Manual:
  2. In the SendGrid manual you will find also these rules, please follow them
    • Don’t deceive your recipients. Be up front with who you are, and what kind of messages you are sending.
    • Provide your recipients with a way to opt-out of messages.
  3. In addition you can also navigate to send grid settings -> Tracking -> Subscription tracking and enable the option 'opt-out of messages through send-grid settings', this will add an unsubscribe link to their emails.

2. SMTP error - Test connector email for SMTP is returning the following error - "The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.5.1 Authentication Required..."

  • Password entered for the connector might be in correct and should be adjusted

3. SMTP (Gmail) Issues - when using Gmail account with 2 Factor Authentication you might get error message that email has not been sent.

  • Please follow steps below:

That's It !

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