void OnRenderGridInit(int inChapterIndex, RenderGridParams ioParams)


This callback function is called when a chapter is set as compound grid and there is a need to change/update some of the parameters, please click here to learn more on compound grid.


The following is a list of parameters the functions receives 

Parameter Type Description
inCahpterIndex Int32 the chapter index 
ioParams   The different parameters to set


Return Type




This example below will check if the compound grid is chapter 3 and if true it will do the following:

  • Align the grid center 
  • Align the Column headers to top
  • Align the Row headers to bottom
  • Set the column width percentage accordingly 

function OnRenderGridInit(inChapterIndex, ioParams){
if (inChapterIndex == 3){ 
ioParams.CellAlignment = eRenderGridAlignment.Center;
ioParams.ColumnHeaderAlignment = eRenderGridAlignment.Top;
ioParams.RowHeaderAlignment = eRenderGridAlignment.Bottom;

ioParams.Columns[0].WidthPercentage = 10;
ioParams.Columns[1].WidthPercentage = 70;
ioParams.Columns[2].WidthPercentage = 20;


Full properties details:

Class RenderGridParams:


//These control the alignments of the various elements… eRenderGridAlignment should autocomplete to Top, Center, bottom

eRenderGridAlignment CellAlignment

eRenderGridAlignment ColumnHeaderAlignment
eRenderGridAlignment RowHeaderAlignment

Column[] mColumns;  //Information regarding all the table columns



//The Columns of the grid

Column[] getColumns()

//The Rows of the grid

Row[] getRows()

//Get a specific row by its iteration index

Row GetRowByIterationIndex(int inIterationIndex)

//Get a specific column by its question index

Column GetColumnByQuestionIndex(int inQuestionIndex) 


enum eRenderGridAlignment:



Column and Row are:

class Column
    public int QuestionIndex; //1 based, since access through UL
    public int WidthPercentage; //number between 0-100… I’ll automatically normalize the values if the sum of all columns is greater than 100
    public String Name;

public static class Row
    public int IterationIndex; //1 based, since access through UL
    public String Name;






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