Device Accessible Variables

Variable Name Type Description
DeviceIndex Int32 A  Running index created each time an interview is started. This is regardless the survey or surveyor. Each new interview will get a new DeviceIndex associated with it
DeviceID Int32 A unique number identifying an installation
SID Int32 Holds a unique identifier of a combination User/Device
SurveyIndex Int32 A Running index created each time an interview is started for a specific survey on a device
DisplaySurveyIndex string A combination of the <SID>-<SurveyIndex>
DisplayDeviceIndex string A combination of D<SID>-<DeviceIndex>
DeviceVersion  string This function returns the STG data collection app version installed on the device
SDCardDir   string returns the directory of the SDCard
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  • Can the following start script "SetTextFormat(CurrQues,DisplaySurveyIndex)" be used to pipe/display the interview index to the surveyors, in case they need to write it on paper? Thank you!

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