Device Manager Accessible Variables

The below variables will be accessed through the 'DeviceMgr.' function

Variable Name Type Description
BatteryLevel Int32 The battery level on the device
DeviceIMEI string A unique number identifying the Device
DeviceModel string The model of the device running the application
GetScreenHeight Int32 will return the screen height of the device 
GetScreenPrimary Bool will return True/False if this is the primary screen
GetScreenRotation Int32 Will return the rotation of the screen 
GetScreenSizeInInches Int32 Will return the screen size of the device in Inches
GetScreenWidth double will return the screen width of the device 
IsExtendedScreenActive bool Will return True/False if the extended screen is active
ScreenCount Int32 will return the count of how many screens are connected
ScreenHeight Int32 variable for the screen height
ScreenRotation Int32 variable for the screen rotation
ScreenSizeInInches double Variable for the screen size in Inches
ScreenWidth Int32 variable for the screen width
SimID string Will return the unique identifier of the SIM card used by the device
UserAgent string will return the UserAgent used
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