Void SetAnswerTextFormat(Int32 inQuesIdx, Int32 inAnswerIdx, Dvar[] inValues)


Relevant for multi/single mention question types. Will set a text object by using piping methods into one place holder or more in the relevant answer


The following is a list of parameters the functions receives 

Parameter Type Description
inQuesIdx Int32 Question Index
inAnswerIdx Int32 The answer index
inValues DVar[] Values to set

Return Type



If we have a question indexed 4, and we would like to pipe text into answer number 2, by having place holder in it ({0}) , we can use this function as follows: SetAnswerTextFormat(QRef(4),2,"just a test text");

it will pipe the text we wrote into the place holder

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  • i have 3 questions with same answer and have others detail.
    Q1. What car brand you know? [Single]
    Q2. What else? [Single]
    Q3. What else? [Multiple]

    1. Toyota
    2. Honda
    3. Suzuki
    4. Others 1, detail:
    5. Others 2, detail:
    6. Others 3: detail:

    How i can call detail Others Brand in choice 4,5,6 for nex question body Q4??

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