Void SetTextFormat(Int32 inQuesIdx, Dvar[] inValues)


Relevant for all question types. Will set a text object by using piping methods into one place holder or more in the relevant question body


The following is a list of parameters the functions receives 

Parameter Type Description
inQuesIdx Int32 Question Index
inValues DVar[] Values to set

Return Type



If we have a question indexed 4, and we would like to pipe text into its body , by having one place holder or more in it ({0}) , we can use this function as follows: SetAnswerTextFormat(QRef(4),"just a text object");

it will pipe the text we wrote into the place holder
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  • Now I have:
    Question A and B.
    Question A. Which of the following Mobile Phone have you ever used? MA
    1. Apple
    2. Nokia
    3. Samsung
    4. Huawei
    5. None
    Question B. May i have the reason why did you did not use (MENTION PRODUCTS NOT ANSWERED IN Question A)?.
    *So Can we pipe the answers not answered in Question A to the Question B replace (Mention products not ansered in Question A)?

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  • Nothing specified clearly, where should I write this function. What should I add on the question text. Add some examples.

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  • I 've just started using this app very recently, it made me very confusing. Could you please teach me or show me an example how to write a function that makes it possible to pipe an answer from the previous (Single Answer) 2 or 3 questions into the onward question.

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