SurveyToGo Task System Training


This video series introduces the SurveyToGo Task system. As we progress more episodes will be added. The SurveyToGo Task System lets you assign specific interviewers to perform one or more interviews at a specific location. We highly recommend watching the video below to better understand the Task System. Each episode covers a  different section of the Task System and we recommend watching the episodes in sequence to make the most out of the episodes. 


Task System Video Episodes Viewing Experience

While all the videos can be viewed directly from this page, for best viewing experience, we recommend heading over to the Youtube link and switching to full 720HD resolution and switching to Full screen mode. We've included next to each video the direct link to Youtube so you can use the link to both view and share the episodes. Here are the direct Youtube links for all the episodes:

SurveyToGo Task System Training - Episode #1

Direct Youtube link (for full screen): 


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