Survey Logic

In this series we dive deeper into the SurveyToGo logic engine. From a basic overview of the model to a more in depth look at skipping, branching, piping etc.. If this is the first time you are scripting a survey using SurveyToGo we recommend watching the “Creating Surveys” video series first as this series assumes you are familiar with the concepts introduced in that series.

Survey Logic – Module 01: Overview

Survey Logic – Module 02: Skipping Logic

Survey Logic – Module 03: Branching Logic

Survey Logic – Module 04: Piping Logic

Survey Logic – Module 05: Filtering Logic

Survey Logic – Module 06: Validation Logic

The videos below cover advanced piping and filtering scenarios and are not part of the training series. These videos are meant for advanced SurveyToGo scripters:

Advanced piping

Filtering Answers & Topics

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