Survey Training - "Getting Started" Series

Our first series in our training videos, designed for first time users of SurveyToGo and covers much of the basic functionality of the product from installation to survey creation, syncing, data collection, exporting and managing data, creating users and managing your account. We recommend watching these short training videos one by one  to get a full overview of SurveyToGo. In later series we will dive into each of these topics and explain it in detail.

Getting Started – Module 01: Installation

Need to install SurveyToGo Studio / Android / PC component? this video is for you!

Getting Started – Module 02: SurveyToGo Studio Overview 

Getting Started – Module 03: Creating a Simple Survey

Getting Started – Module 04: Collecting Data using the Android tablet / Windows PC

Getting Started – Module 05: Managing & Exporting Survey Data

Getting Started – Module 06: Adding Interviewer users & admin users

Getting Started – Module 07: Managing Your SurveyToGo Account

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  • Hi admin, I really appreciate this survey training which makes me more comfortable on creating and doing much survey.

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