With Max-Diff, survey respondents are shown a set of the possible items and are asked to indicate the best and worst items (or most and least important, or most and least appealing, etc.).


Implementing MAX-DIFF task in a survey:

Please find attached sample survey that demonstrate a MAX-DIFF section in it. 

You can view this next link that shows how to import an external survey into your account:

How To Import a Survey


As part of the implementation you'll need an external excel file containing the needed rotations for the MAX-DIFF. Please find attached the sample excel file, that use as a subject store in the sample survey.

When creating your script, don't forget to load your MAX-DIFF excel file as a subject store to your script, so you can use it. To learn more about additional subject store, please view this next link: 



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  • So that means you do not have your own set-up inside STG Studio to run the data right? Sorry just making sure I ask Sawtooth about this. Thanks

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  • Hi George,

    Can you please clarify set-up?

    Thank you,



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  • Can we program a Max-Diff analysis with STG?

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  • Hi Julio

    Yes, in this guide you have a sample that will show you how to implement.
    Please import it and if it's still not clear send an email to our support (
    and they will be happy to help


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